Smart Growth

Frederick should be a community where regulations are limited, taxes are low and infrastructure exists that can foster business use and population growth. Let’s bring Frederick into the future in a smart way – one that does not infringe on private rights and civil liberties, but provides opportunities for the people of Frederick to raise their wages and industry to grow. Policy is best when it lets people pursue their dreams as they see fit. The Council should help Frederick’s most important institutions, such as families and businesses, by providing the seeds of opportunity or get out of the way.

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The county government should make sure that regulations have the least negative impact on our businesses as possible. Rather policies should provide opportunities and spur growth. The Council needs to take advantage of opportunities as they come in an efficient, timely and smart approach. That is smart growth. We need to make Frederick a hub that draws businesses here from competing counties. Where businesses stake their ground, jobs will come. I will fight to make sure that Frederick remains open for business.

At the same time, we need to make sure growth is rationale and still preserves the institutions that make Frederick great. We need to ensure that, as Frederick grows, the little guy isn’t trampled on for the benefit of big businesses or big government. There is a balance, and that’s smart growth.



Smart Taxes

The people of Frederick County have enough costs weighing them down. These costs hit the families and businesses of our County the hardest though they are the engine of prosperity in the county. One of my central principles is that I want to keep government out of our wallets as much as possible. The people of Frederick County know how best to spend their own money.


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In order to manage the rising costs bombarding Frederick’s citizens, folks need as much as their well-earned money as they can get.  Each of the past three years of the County Council has approved tax increases on taxpayers. This has especially hit Frederick’s working and middle class families. The Council must do everything in its power to ensure that taxes are either lowered or remain a neutral for the citizens of this County.