Vibrant Communities

A Better Path Forward For Our Communities

  • Families First: Bringing down costs that face our citizens and families, ensuring that education provides an enriching environment for students where parents matter and providing vibrant opportunities for community institutions to grow, prosper and reach citizens.
  • Balanced Growth: Smarter development is tied to infrastructure, business growth and better roads to improve quality of life, while we work to revitalize our current downtowns to strengthen the quality of life in our community.
  • Security: Our law enforcement should receive the necessary support, training and staff to ensure the safety of our citizens, especially our children. Programs, like the school resource officers, are great examples of community policing that works.

Frederick County is blessed by so many wonderful communities across this land. We need to ensure that our communities remain vibrant, safe and enriching. Let’s bring Frederick into the future in a smart way – one that does not infringe on private rights and civil liberties, but provides opportunities for the people of Frederick, and our community institutions, to raise the quality of life in our county.

Frederick County needs to make sure we’re investing in the safety of the our citizens. Whether it be in our schools with the school resource officer program, or ensuring the security of citizens everywhere from the Golden Mile to Thurmont, we need to support our law enforcement officers and ensure they can do their job in keeping out community sage.

We need to make sure growth is rational, planned and preserves the institutions that make Frederick growth. We need to ensure that, as Frederick grows, our citizens, families, churches, farmers and small and medium businesses aren’t trampled on for the benefit of big businesses or big government. Smarter growth can help ensure that we’re doing the work to revitalize the downtowns across our county that can be hubs of community activity while also making sure that where there is growth, it comes with the infrastructure, roads and planning that does not become a detriment to the community.

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