Abundant Opportunity

The Pursuit of Happiness

  • Open for Business: Make sure that Frederick is fertile ground for small and medium businesses to innovate and expand.
  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs:  Bring businesses to Frederick to employ workers of all wage levels across the county.
  • Low Taxes: We have to let Frederick citizens keep more of their own money. Fiscal responsibility is the path towards giving Frederick citizens a tax cut.

Our citizens in Frederick County are our greatest resource. The working men and women of our community are the folks who do most of the working, playing, living and retiring in this county. They deserve a County government that remembers them and is guided by that. 

Our communities should be able to have access to better opportunities. Small and medium businesses are such an important component of Frederick’s culture. Across the county, we need to make sure we’re providing a fertile ground for businesses to grow. Let’s get off their back and let them innovate. In doing so, let us ensure that we’re bringing jobs into the county for low and medium wage earners. Opportunity must be our guiding light: for businesses and workers. 

Part of this is listening to small and medium businesses and the challenges they face and seeing where those challenges can be alleviated.

Furthermore, in order to manage the rising costs bombarding Frederick’s citizens, folks need as much of their well-earned money as they can get. For two terms, we have seen the County government approve annual take hikes on Frederick taxpayers. This has especially hit Frederick’s working and middle class families. The Council must do everything in its power to ensure that taxes are either lowered or remain neutral for County citizens.

By providing the seeds of opportunity, our County can allow families and businesses to pursue their happiness.

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