Results Matter

Problem Solving for Frederick County

  • Fiscal Responsibility: Conservative and transparent governance that spends within its means.
  • Effective Government: Citizens deserve a government that uses facts and data to inform local decision making, not agendas and funders. We need a results-oriented, lean and impactful government that uses data to address real problems.

I’m a smart government guy. Government is at its best when it is limited, efficient and effective. Too many have seen their institutions fail us, from the brown water in our pipes, to congestion in our roads to overcrowding in our schools. Our taxes keep rising and these problems continue. 

Frederick needs smart governance that is fiscally conservative. Our citizens are overtaxed and increasingly fail to see the benefits of this taxation. We need to give the citizens of Frederick County tax relief that can help with the rising costs they are facing. By trade, I am an evaluator. That involves relying on data to look at the problems facing a community and determining what is working to meet those needs and what is not. We will make sure we’re empowering local decision makers and that governance is lean and targeted to specific needs. 

Frederick deserves better. We deserve a government for the people that is focused on these needs. Only by evaluating and learning from what works and what is relevant to our community, not national agendas and funders, can we truly address the problems in our communities.

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