A Republican for Principled Governance

“We are inheritors to a legacy not our own. We are the caretakers. We cannot sit this one out. We must find it in ourselves to innovate, grow and teach the world new ways to dream. We need folks to be active participants in our future getting involved. Now is the time to start.”

I’m running because I believe that Frederick County needs a County Government that works first and foremost for our citizens. I was born and raised in Mount Airy, started a family in Ballenger Creek and now live in Adamstown. Frederick County is blessed with countless riches. Chief among them are our citizens, families and communities: the men and women of this county who do the working, paying, living and retiring here.

And yet, too many Frederick citizens face rising costs, clogged roads and are struggling to raise a family or retire. All this while we have a government that increasingly feels distant. We deserve a county government that is effective and efficient – one that focuses on solving local problems here locally rather than getting mired in national agendas that seek to divide us.

Frederick citizens deserve a county government that produces results. We deserve responsible, citizen-centered governance that is by the people and for the people. Only together we can build a better path forward.