Smart Education

Frederick’s next generation is our most cherished responsibility. Education needs to be the priority of local government in this county. Our education system must focus on building up our students so they can be the best they can be. Our education cannot be bogged down in other priorities.

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More bureaucracy is not the answer to educating our students. Too often schools are flushed with cash without producing suitable results for all our students. Frederick’s teachers need to be trained and compensated in a way that is competitive with our neighbors. After all research shows that more important than any other factor, a child’s development after their family is their teachers.

We need an all-of-the-above education system that seeks to prepare Frederick’s students to enter the workforce. I will look to work with our School Board to find ways to make sure Frederick’s schools are the best in the state. Whether in public, charter or home schools, students in Frederick need to be prepared for the diversity of challenges and opportunities in life.

Frederick must be open to alternative approaches to education and policy that strengthen our children from K-12. Our schools cannot be made solely for mass production. School choice is an important arrow in our quiver, but we also have to take a fresh look at how we’re executing private education to ensure we’re helping our students be the best they can be. The more we fail, the more children will slip through the cracks.

In addition, Frederick Community College and other vocational schools need to be strengthened to ensure that students have access to affordable and quality technical education.



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